How to Export Text Messages from your Android Device?

feature export text messages from androidTexting is the most used digital communication nowadays. It is the most accessible and easy way to communicate with your family and friends away from you. That's why text messages contain important data you send via text message that you need to keep on your Android device. With that, a deleted message will be a huge problem you might encounter in your daily activity. In that case, we need to discuss the practical ways how to export SMS Android from your device. These methods provided are with or without a backup process that you can restore and keep your text messages safe.

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How to Extract Text Messages from Android Without Backup

Main feature: Data Recovery, Data extraction, and Backup data.
Price: 3 features included: Android Data Recovery, Android Data Backup & Restore, and Broken Android Data Extraction.

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If you experience deleted important messages from your Android, you might need help from software capable of recovering deleted data. The AceThinker Android Data Recovery is a essential tool with an advanced recovery program that can recover faster than other data recovery software. You can also use it to do a backup file to keep them safe from unwanted scenarios that may cause the deletion of your data. Plus, it has a function that can extract data where you can retrieve data from a dead phone. With these features, you can use this software to export SMS messages Android even without a backup file.

Step 1 Install the tool

In order to get AceThinker Android Data Recovery, you need to download the installer first. You can click the download icon above, depending on your operating system, to download the installer. After downloading the package, access your download folder and run the file installer. Once installed, open the tool on your desktop to redirect to the tool interface.

install the tool

Step 2 Select mode

The next step to export text messages on Android is to connect Android devices to your computer. With the help of a charging cable, connect your smartphone to the application. Then, select the Android Data Recovery option from the list of modes.

select mode

Step 3 Choose the Message data

Afterward, a new window will prompt on your screen, which enables you to select the data files you need to recover. To retrieve and export your text messages on your Android device, click “Message data.” After selecting your data type, you can proceed on recovering the messages by tapping the Next icon.

choose the message data

Step 4 Export and Recover data

Lastly on export text messages from Android, after clicking the next button from the previous step, the tool will lead you to the exporting/recovery phase of the tool. This last phase will preview the files you need to export and recover from your Android device. Kindly check if the text message you want to export is in the data list of the software. You can start exporting your Android messages by selecting the Recover option located at the bottom most part of the page.

export and recover data

How to Export Android Text Messages from Backup

Text messages are one of the essential data you need to keep on your Android device. You can use a backup file if you want to keep it on your device storage. By doing a backup file, you can avoid permanent file deletion of your important data on your device. It can save you from unwanted cases that will cause you a lot of trouble with your data, like losing text messages. If you regularly do a back up for your important text messages, you can easily export them from your back up file so you can access your important text messages on your Android device quickly.

  • To export and access your text messages from your backup file, unlock your device and go to your phone menu. Once you are in the phone menu, look for the gear icon. Tap the gear icon when you’ve found it.
  • On your phone setting, swipe your screen down and navigate to “Backup and Account.” This option will let you back up and restore your files. If you find it, tap it immediately to proceed to the next step.
  • Lastly, inside the Accounts and backup option, a new window that provide a new list of menus where you can choose the Restore Data option. This option will access your exported file from your Android device. After that you will be able to access your text messages, you can select the data type text messages and click the “Restore” button.

export android text messages from backup

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of text exporting text messages?
Text messages may contain important details. If these critical text messages are deleted, you will likely lose essential data on your device. You must export some of the finest and essential data on your text messages to avoid losing them.
2. How to make an Android export SMS conversation on your device?
The best way to easily export your messages on your Android device is to use the AceThinker Android Data Recovery tool. This software can export any data and recover deleted data on your Android device. So if you wish to export some of your important messages, this software is highly recommendable.
3. Can I export text messages on my computer?
Yes, you can export some of your text messages on your PC. By connecting your device and your PC using a data cable, you can access your messaging application database on your computer file manager to copy and export your important text messages on your device.


Text messages have a huge role nowadays. It may contain text details from our bank account and other important announcements that are usually sent via text message. With that, you need to be mindful of your text message so you don’t miss some of the crucial details that your text messages may contain. If you need help exporting these important text SMS, you can use our AceThinker Android Data Recovery tool to export your needed text messages out of your device and you can also use this to recover other data on your Android like voicemails, photos, and etc.

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