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The Best Ways to Recover Data From Broken Android Phone

android broken screen data recoveryNowadays, most people store almost all of their data on their mobile phones due to convenience. Mobile phones are something that most will never leave home without. No matter where they go, it is something that they must bring. Since mobile phones are with them most of the time, accessing and transferring data from the phone is much easier. After all, it is also easier to carry them all digitally than to bring physical photos, documents, and other hard-copy data. But what if you unexpectedly broke your Android phone? How will you retrieve your stored data, then? Don’t worry, here are some effective ways to recover data from broken Android phone.

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The Best Method to Recover Data from an Android with Broken Screen

Distinctive Feature: The tool can extract data from broken Android phones and even retrieve deleted data.

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Data loss due to bugs, virus attacks, or glitches is not the only enemy of holding your data on your Android phones. Other scenarios might cause you not to lose your data but make it unaccessible such as a broken screen or phone. This is where AceThinker Fone Keeper comes in. It is a professional data tool that can recover deleted Android data and extract data from an Android phone. Android broken screen data recovery is an easy task for the tool that can access your Android’s root storage without the USB debugging feature. This is why the best user group for this tool is those who have broken Android phones without USB debugging. The tool can extract every data, from the local storage to the SD card and even the SIM card. Device compatibility will not be a problem, too, since the tool works on Androids running on the 4.0 version or later.

Step 1 Download and Install Fone Keeper for Android

The first step to recover data from broken phone is to download the installer of the extracting tool. Click on the download button below that matches your computer operating system. After downloading, launch the package and install Fone Keeper. Open the tool to the main interface after installation.

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fone keeper for android

Step 2 Enter the Broken Android Data Extraction Mode

Next, you will choose the mode you want to operate. To retrieve data from broken phone, put your mouse cursor above the Broken Android Data Extraction button. Click the left mouse button to enter the mode.

Step 3 Choose your Device Condition

After entering the Broken Android Data Extraction Mode, you will choose the condition of your Android phone. This will inform the tool what type of damage it will be dealing with. If your Android phone is stuck with a black screen, the touch screen is not working, or the screen is broken, click the left Start. If it is totally inoperable, click the right Start.

Step 4 Enter your Device Information

Step 5 Follow the On Screen Instructions to Extract the Data

After connecting your Android phone and entering the device information, an on-screen instruction will appear. If you are ready, click the Start button, and a countdown will appear on the steps. Follow the steps shown on the screen before the countdown expires. After that, the PC will start to recover data from Android phone with broken screen.

Other Methods to Recover Data from a Broken Android Phone

Aside from using AceThinker Fone Keeper to recover photos from broken Android and other data, you can also use other methods. However, the following methods require a backup or a turned-on USB debugging setting on your broken Android. But if you still want to learn more about them, continue reading the article. If you are looking for a way to recover deleted photos from Android instead, click here.

1. Download the Data from Google Drive

If your Android phone’s auto backup and sync were enabled before the damage, undoubtedly, your data is safe inside Google Drive’s cloud. All the data included in the last automatic backup was made anyway. But if the automatic backup is not enabled and you manually did a backup, you can still get data from broken phone, but there’s a high chance that not all data will be recovered if the backup is outdated. For this method, you only have to open Google Drive on your PC or another Android device, then navigate to the Backups tab. There you will be able to download your backed up Android data from your broken phone.

backup on google drive

2. Extract the Data Using a Computer

Finally, broken Android data extraction is possible using a computer without any software if and only if USB debugging is turned on. As a default, the feature is turned off on Android devices, and you had to have it turned on before the phone was damaged. USB debugging allows the computer to manage the phone and its contents without permission or confirmation from the Android phone. It will not be a problem even if your phone's touchscreen will not work due to the broken screen. You just have to connect your broken Android phone to the PC and copy the files directly through windows explorer.

extract the data with USB debugging


There are at least three methods for broken Android data extraction. However, AceThinker Fone Keeper is still the best solution. Aside from the tool being more convenient since the application will guide you, it does not need a prior backup or USB debugging.

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