How to Backup and Restore on Google Drive

feature restore sms from google drive on android Google Drive is the most extensively used cloud drive on the internet nowadays. People are more likely to use this than other cloud drives because it has a large storage capacity and can be used to upload different data types on your Google Drive; with that, you can easily access it through the internet. But did you know that you are able to use this platform to back up and restore SMS from google drive on Android? Let us discuss how you will do a backup and restore process for your important text messages. We provide some solutions below that show how you can perform a backup file and restore deleted files from your backup data.

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Before Solution: How to Back Up Messages to Google Drive

As stated before, Google Drive is the most widely used cloud drive nowadays. But we must consider that not everyone has the knowledge to use this platform. With that, we need to discuss how you can back up your important text messages on your Google Drive. First, you need to access your Phone Setting, and you need to find your Backup&Restore option. This option is linked to your Google Drive account, so if you perform a backup, it will automatically be saved on your Google Drive. If you want more ideas on how to back up and restore SMS from Google backup, you can continue reading this article.

  • You need to open your device to do a backup file for your text messages on Android. On your application menu, look for your Phone Setting. After accessing your Phone Setting, you need to find the Backup and Restore option.
  • On the Backup and Restore option, you will see another set of options on your screen. Tap the Backup option to perform a backup file for your text messages. After tapping the Backup data option, you will proceed to the last phase of the backup file.
  • Lastly, on your screen, you will see a list of data you can back up from your Android device. To make a backup for your SMS, you need to tap the file format Messages and the Back up now to save all the data from your Messages.

back up messages to google drive

3 Solutions to Backup and Restore on Google Drive

Solution 1: Restoring Text Messages from Google Drive on Android via Factory Resetting

Now you know how to backup your file from your Google Drive, the next we need to discuss from this solution is how to restore messages on Android via factory resetting. Now you have your backup file, and you can assure that your important text SMS is in good hands. If you need to process a Factory Reset, you may do the process without losing your important text messages. But how can you prevent losing your file during the Factory Reset process? The backup files stored on your Google drive will help you recover the SMS lost from your Android device. The detailed guide is presented below so you will understand how to perform the process.

  • As a reminder, you need to remember your Google Account that has your backup SMS. So you can easily retrieve your backup files. After the factory reset, you can retrieve your backup SMS by accessing it on your Google Drive.
  • To start the process of SMS restore and backup, you need to access your Google Drive on your Android device. Once you’ve found the app, you need to tap it to open the Google Drive application. On your Google Drive, you will see three horizontal line icon on your screen. Kindly tap it to see more options for the app.
  • Tap the Backups option on the options list to redirect you to your Google Backup files. Once you are inside the Backups option, you will see a list of backup transactions. How can you view text messages on Google? To answer that, you just need to tap the backup transaction that contains the SMS so you are able to recover SMS on Android.

restoring text messages from google drive on android via factory reset

Solution 2: Restore SMS from Google Drive Directly to AceThinker Android Data Backup and Restore

Main feature: It is a powerful tool that can perform backup and restore efficiently faster than the traditional backup and restore process.
Compatible with:
Windows: Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7,XP,Vista
Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 above

If you want an easy way how to restore text messages on Android, you can use this advanced tool that can help you bring back your important SMS from your backup Google Drive. The AceThinker Android Data Recovery tool has an Android Data Backup&Restore feature that allows you to process a backup file and restore files from your backup data. You can use this to restore your files from your Google Drive. It also has features that allow you to recover deleted text messages and recover data from a broken device. For further info, you can read the following guidelines on restoring your SMS on Google Drive.

Step 1 Download and install

On how to retrieve deleted messages from Google Drive using AceThinker Android Data Recovery, get its firmware first on your computer. You can tap the download button presented above to get the proper firmware. When the package is already on your computer, you must run it and finish the installation. After the installation, you may launch it to access its interface.

download and install

Step 2 Click Android Data Backup and Restore

After launching the software, you need to connect your computer and the Android device. On the tool's Interface, you will see different software modes. Click the Android Data Backup and Restore mode to recover your SMS from your backup data.

click android data backup and restore

Step 3 Select Device Data Restore

Inside the Android Data Backup and Restore mode, you will see two options on your screen. The left side is the Device Data Backup. This option will allow you to do a backup file. While on the right side of the screen is the Device Data Restore. Click this option to restore your backup data from your Google Drive.

select device data restore

Step 4 Restore SMS from your Backup file

Lastly, on how to restore SMS from Google Drive, you will notice some backup files from your Google Drive. Choose the backup file that contains your SMS and click the Start button. This will automatically save the backup SMS from your Google Drive.

restore sms from your backup file

Solution 3: Contact the Google Drive Support Team to Recover SMS Backup from Google Drive

If the solution above didn’t work, you still have another option to recover your backup text messages. Google Drive is a famous cloud drive, so we can assure you that there is always a Google Drive Support Team you can contact when you encounter a problem with your Google Drive Account. They can resolve any problem on your Google Drive, so if you have an issue retrieving your SMS backup on your Google Drive. You can request this team for them to take action according to your encountered problem. To contact them, you can follow the guide below to restore SMS from google drive to Android.

  • Using your Android device, you can contact Google Drive Support. But first, you need to sign in to your Google account from the Google Drive app. On your Google Drive application, a menu icon will prompt on your screen. Click it to show more options for the app.
  • When you have accessed the menu bar, you will notice another options listed on your computer screen. Tap the Help and feedback option, which will let you into the submission center requesting help for your issue. Also, in this option, you can send feedback regarding your experience using this application.
  • Inside the Help and feedback option, you will notice another option filter. Press the Ask the Help Community, this option will let you send a request from the Google Drive Support team that will give you service regarding the issue. After sending a request, you need to wait for several days to send feedback regarding your request.

contact the google drive support team to recover sms backup from google drive


There are people who are now well-oriented in using Google drive. That’s why we are here to answer this question “Are text messages backed up on Google?”. With the solutions, we can help you to back up your text messages and restore them immediately from your Android device. But if you need a fast process of restoring your backup file, you can use the recommendable tool nowadays. The Android Data Backup and Restore has an advanced program that can restore quickly faster than the traditional restoration of data.

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